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Imlek is the largest independent dairy company in South East Europe producing and distributing a wide range of dairy products, including processed milk, fermented dairy products, specialty dairy products and other dairy products for home and industrial use. Imlek holds a leadership position in the markets of approximately 23 million consumers in former Yugoslavia and operates under the ISO 9001 quality as well as HACCP manufacturing EU accreditation.”

Imlek operates the largest and most technologically advanced production platform in the former
Yugoslavia with a total milk processing capacity of over 600 thousand tons per year.

The Group was formed through using IMLEK, acquired in 2003, as a platform for regional consolidation and expansion. In 2005, two smaller regional dairies, ZEMUN and IMPAZ were integrated into Imlek.

In 2007, a significant regional, NOVI SAD dairy, with a complementary “price fighter” product portfolio was integrated into Imlek and in 2008, three dairies in Bosnia, MLEKARA BANJA LUKA, EASTMILK and MLJEKOPRODUKT began operational integration with Imlek.

That was followed by two dairies in Macedonia, MLEKARA BITOLA and BUCEN KOZJAK which in 2009, began operational integration with Imlek. In addition, upon registering in Croatia, as of 2011 Imlek will operate a new entity that holds the Mils brand.

Today IMLEK is a fully restructured, sales and marketing led company. Its name and a number of its brands are some of the most well known in former Yugoslavia.

Listing: Belgrade Stock Exchange